From The Deep Necklace/brooch with Double Chain



From the deep necklaces are inspired by the mysteries of the deep sea, its said that 95% of the ocean floor still hasn’t been explored. The copper used to make the necklaces is taken from an antique water tank, the patina has been developing for over 60 years, the untouched conditions make a beautiful deep green colour which is preserved by a lacquer. Libby designs challenge our perceptions of preciousness, questioning how we value materials, Although the main material isn’t deemed valuable, the conditions and history of the copper are precious.

The necklace features two elements, press formed copper in a claw setting, contrasted by a long pendent feature made from rolled silver wire. The juxtaposition of these elements frame the neck and make a statement piece. The top half of the chain is full polish and the bottom half including feature is oxidized.

This piece can be worn as a necklace or a brooch, the press formed copper has a brooch back so it can be fixed to clothes. Two lobster clasp attached to the brooch from the chain meaning it can be taken apart and worn separately.

The necklaces are made from patina copper, 925 silver.

Chain measures 38 inches including brooch

Brooch measures 6.5cm x 4.5cm