Untamed Spore Ring


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The untamed collection is named after the process in which it’s made, Libby use’s electroforming, a process where an electrolytic bath is used to deposit metal, by changing the electrical current to create clusters. How libby uses the process is often unpredictable, creating objects with an untamed finish.

The rings can be oxidised and polished back to create the look of an object that’s been in the ground for years, which a little sparkle or can be left full polished.

The band loops round the finger leaving the top of the ring unclosed, there is two features on each end of the band which sit comfortably at the top. One end has a recycled ball of silver and the other features a domed cup with 2 or 3 little balls of silver.

This ring has broken texture all round, a perfect everyday ring

The rings are made from solid 925 silver, style 1 widest point is 3mm

Additional Information

Oxidised (Blackened), Silver


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